Oct 18, 2023

Congratulations to CPIN Faculty Dr. William D. Hutchison and CPIN Trainee Frhan Alanazi on their recent publication

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 Dr. William D. Hutchison (PSL, right) and CPIN Trainee Frhan Alanazi (PSL, PhD Candidate, left)

Congratulations to CPIN Faculty Dr. William D. Hutchison (Associate Professor, PSL, right) and CPIN Trainee Frhan Alanazi (PhD Candidate, PSL, left) on their recent publication titled, "Top-down control of human motor thalamic neuronal activity during the auditory oddball task," in Nature Parkinson's Disease. 

Taken together, their study showed that the ascending proprioceptive information through the motor thalamus seems to be controlled by higher cortical areas as a top-down mechanism. Parkinson's disease can impair this top-down control of selective attention, leading to difficulties in filtering out irrelevant information and maintaining attention. They also showed that beta oscillations ay mediate selective attention and that dopaminergic loss in PD may contribute to selective attention deficits.

Read more about the publication here.