Student Forms

CPIN Student Application Form

Students interested in applying to CPIN are encouraged to apply within a month of starting their degree. Prior to applying, please review the requirements and expectations for the program.

CPIN Student Completion Form

CPIN graduate students who have completed both their home department and CPIN trainee requirements must fill in the online completion form.

Lecture Report & Evaluation Form

Trainees should fill out the Lecture Report Form as a record of their attendance to the Distinguished Lectureship Series within one week of attending the talk. Please note that the date and time of your Lecture Report Form submission is recorded. Please wait until a lecture is completed before submitting your form.

Alternate Course Request Form

Under certain circumstances, students may request alternate course approval from the CPIN Director, on behalf of the CPIN Academic Program Committee.

Alternate Presentation Request Form

Under special circumstances, students may receive permission for a presentation that is not at the annual CPIN Research Day to be counted toward their CPIN requirement with special approval from the CPIN Committee.

CPIN Distinguished Lecturer Nominations

CPIN trainee & faculty members are welcome to nominate potential speakers for the Distinguished Lectureship Series.