If your graduate unit is interested in joining the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience, please complete and submit the SGS Governance Form D to or  

  • Each participating unit will contribute financially, on an annual basis, in scale with the participation of students from respective units in addition to a fixed departmental fee to CPIN. The annual financial contribution will be used to cover essential administrative expenses and program activities. 
  • Each participating graduate unit shall retain its statutory control over admissions and home program requirements, and its statutory duty to provide adequate research supervision by a member of the graduate faculty in the unit.  The home graduate unit shall recommend the granting of the degree.
  • Students in the Collaborative Program normally shall be supervised by a member of the Collaborative Program faculty.
  • Participating graduate units will include reference to the Collaborative Program in the SGS Calendar entry, on their department website, and in other related advertising of the home program.
  • CPIN faculty members shall remain available to contribute to the Collaborative Program through serving on the Program’s committees and participating in the annual CPIN poster day (including judging posters), symposia/workshops and other activities/events organized by CPIN.
  • It is agreed that the Collaborative Program shall be administered by a Program Committee consisting of one graduate faculty member from each participating Graduate Department (recommended by each Graduate Departmental Chair).