Our Specialization Program

Collaborative Specialization in Neuroscience (CSIN)

The Collaborative Specialization In Neuroscience (CSIN) is provided to Masters and doctoral students from our participating graduate units through the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Toronto. The specialization consists of undertaking graduate courses in neuroscience, attending distinguished neuroscience lectures from prominent national and international speakers in the field, and presenting the trainee’s research work at the annual Research Day. There are over 300 graduate students from 17 academic departments across 7 faculties participating in the program. CSIN reports to the Vice Dean Graduate Affairs in the Faculty of Medicine and the CSIN program is reviewed by the School of Graduate Studies and the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies. 

Register with one of our participating units before you apply.

This program does not issue degrees. Graduate students wishing to join must be registered in one of the participating units.

The choice of which department to apply to will depend primarily on your research interests and where the professor(s) you are interested in working with is appointed.

Each of the participating departments has additional information on their faculty, courses, and admission requirements. Therefore, you should contact the appropriate department(s) and request additional information on their requirements, availability of financial support and application procedures.

Students are encouraged to contact the professor(s) directly if you are interested in their research area. Frequently, professors have funds available from research grants to support their graduate students.

Once you have been accepted and are registered in your home department, within one month of your study, you can register as a student in the Collaborative Program in Neuroscience through the online application form.

Contact the office with any questions or concerns you may have: p.neuroscience@utoronto.ca