Apr 1, 2024

Congratulations to CPIN Faculty Dr. Rob Bonin and CPIN Trainees on their New Video

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Decoding Pain: Insights from Cutting-edge Research and Interdisciplinary Strategies

Congratulations to CPIN Faculty, Dr. Rob Bonin and CPIN trainees for being featured on an education video by the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto!

This educational video, conceptualized and co-directed by CPIN trainees (PhD candidates: Hantao Zhang, Maham Zain, Quinn Pauli and Laura Bennett; MSc candidate: Jenny Cheung) from Dr. Rob Bonin’s lab and directed by Steve Southon in the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, addresses the urgent epidemic of chronic pain affecting 8 million Canadians. The video emphasizes the critical role of interdisciplinary research and person-centered care in helping individuals manage chronic pain, which has been recognized as a chronic condition by the World Health Organization. It explains our nervous system’s function in sensing pain, the challenges when this system malfunctions, and the invisible struggle of those living with persistent pain. By showcasing the University’s commitment to education and research, this video aims to heighten awareness and revolutionize how chronic pain is understood and treated. Featuring Dr. Rob Bonin, Dr. Naomi Steenhof, Dr. Sara Guilcher.

Read more at Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy