Oct 18, 2023

Welcome Dr. Fa-Hsuan Lin

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Fa Hsuan Lin

We would like to welcome Dr. Fa-Hsuan Lin (Professor, Department of Medical Biophysics; Senior Scientist, Sunnybrook Research Institute), to the CPIN Program. 

Complex behavior and cognitive functions of the human brain are suggested to be "mapped at the level of multi-focal neural systems rather than specific anatomical sites, giving rise to brain-behavior relationships that are both localized and distributed''. Further understanding of these brain mechanisms requires both structural and functional knowledge to answer (i) where are the foci of activity, (ii) when are these areas activated and what is the temporal sequence of activations, and (iii) how does the information flow in the large-scale neural network during the execution of cognitive and/or behavioral tasks. Advanced noninvasive medical imaging/recording modalities are able to localize brain activities at high spatial and temporal resolution. Quantitative modeling to interpret these data is needed to understand how large-scale distributed neuronal interactions underlying perceptual / cognitive / behavioral functions emerge and change over time.
Dr. Lin's research interests include the integration of hardware development, data analysis, and mathematical modeling to facilitate our understanding of brain cognition. Current research projects try to explore challenges of spatiotemporal brain imaging and modeling by using a combination of hardware and analytical approaches to enhance the spatiotemporal resolution of single or combined imaging modalities. In addition, mathematical approaches for identifying large-scale neural networks and their correlation to behavioral measurements are investigated.