Oct 19, 2023

Congratulations to Zahra Khan

CPIN Trainee News, Program Completion
Zahra Khan

Congratulations to CPIN student member Zahra Khan, supervised by Dr. Ori Rotstein (Institute of Medical Sciences) on recently completing the CPIN requirements and graduating from the MSc program. Within Dr. Ori Rotstein's Lab, Zahra took the lead on a clinical trial focusing on an intervention in Traumatic Brain Injury ICU patients. She has showcased her work at Canadian and international conferences, with her findings set for publication shortly. She has been distinguished by awards including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Frederick Banting and Charles Best Canada Graduate Scholarship and the St. Michael’s Hospital Research Training Scholarship. Zahra's dedication beyond academia to volunteering, community service, and leadership is underscored via recognitions like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Silver Level Award and the Gil Orbach Joy Scholarship. She played various student roles within the Institute of Medical Science Graduate Department/Student Association and the St. Michael’s Research Student Association. Actively mentoring both IMS graduate students and an undergraduate in the CPIN program, Zahra's guidance reflects her investment in future scholars. Furthermore, her leadership shines through her founding of the "Pay it For-Art Inc." non-profit and her significant involvement with Youth Assisting Youth and Future Possibilities for Kids. Zahra embodies a harmonious synthesis of scholarly pursuit and altruistic dedication.