Nov 2, 2021

Ali Golbabaei, CPIN member, PhD Candidate

2021 Sex & Gender Differences Competitive Fellowship Awardee
picture of Ali Golbabaei

Ali Golbabaei is a PhD student in Institute of Medical Sciences at University of Toronto. He did bachelor's study in two majors, Cellular & molecular biology and Biotechnology, at University of Tehran. Then he was accepted for a direct PhD program in University of Toronto and came to Canada. He is currently working under supervision of Dr. Paul Frankland at Sickkids. His PhD project focuses on time-dependent changes in memory expression with an emphasis on medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), a region known to store long term memories. This project aims to dissect the engagement of different circuits of mPFC in expression of memories which were acquired at a recent or remote time-point. Furthermore, he is interested in the development of mPFC after birth and its relation to ontogeny of memory functions. Ali hopes to continue his academic research for a better understanding of brain and memories in future.