2023-2024 CPIN Julius Axelrod Distinguished Visiting Neuroscientist Lecture

Towards cross-brain neural recordings, analyses, and modeling

Dr. Carlos Brody, PhD
Wilbur H. Gantz III '59 Professor of Neuroscience, Princeton Neuroscience Institute, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

4:00 PM Thursday, March 14th, 2024

MSB 2170, Medical Sciences Building, 1 King's College Circle, Toronto, ON M5S 1A8

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About the Lecturer

Dr. Carlos Brody

Dr. Carlos Brody

Carlos Brody is professor of neuroscience at Princeton University and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. He completed his Ph.D. in 1997 in computation and neural systems with John Hopfield at the California Institute of Technology. Starting in 2001, he led a computational neuroscience group as an assistant professor at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Inspired by the efforts that neighboring experimental groups at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory were making in developing highly controlled behaviors for rats, Brody added experimental approaches to his research portfolio. His focus is on novel quantitative behaviors that allow exploring high-level cognitive questions using powerful emerging tools for studying neural mechanisms in mice and rats. Brody’s group now uses rodents to investigate the neural bases of decision-making, working memory and executive control using a combination of high-throughput semiautomated behavior as well as computational, electrophysiological, pharmacological and optogenetic methods. Brody moved to Princeton University in 2007 and has been a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator since 2008.